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Garage Sailing

I am so excited that our neighborhood will be having the fall garage sale soon! I have found some great deals! From bikes to all kinds of furniture. I found a beautiful mahogany desk for the kids for $20 (even delivered to my home). My most recent find was a beautiful antique Chippendale-style sideboard buffet with skeleton keys included. I am a sucker for old, unique pieces. I have spent a pretty penny buying handmade, reclaimed furniture from I purchased some handmade saddle stools and a dining set made from a reclaimed barn door. I absolutely love their furniture but it can get quite expensive :). I had gone to the garage to purchase a table saw for my hubs and saw this gorgeous buffet. I was fortunate to have gone first thing in the morning and snatched it up right away. This time I am hoping to find something I can restore/paint because so far all the stuff I have found, I believe to be too pretty to paint. I definitely need some color though because I have learned that I LOVE dark wood, Virtually every piece of furniture we have is dark. Here’s the buffet I purchased for $200 and it was delivered to my home too 🙂 I’ve seen similar pieces for $1500-2000.


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