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Removable Pillow Cover Project

I finally got around to making some pillows for our reupholstered sofas. The sofas were hand-me-downs with excellent frames so I was thrilled to get them. The pillows were also of excellent quality (holding their shape well and not going  flat) but the outer cover was very worn and dated. I found this upholstery fabric at Joann’s for $7.20 a yard (reg. around $29-39/yard). I loved all the bright colors that I could coordinate with the neutral (aka boring) sofa colors. I purposely picked neutral colors for the sofas with the intention of bringing in colors with pillows and drapes.

Here is one of the completed pillows:

Removable Pillow Cover

Removable Pillow Cover

Removable Pillow Cover Back

Back of Pillow

When I removed the cover of the old pillows, this is what was inside:

Pillow FillingI made a cover with utility fabric purchased for about $3.20 a yard, much cheaper than buying a new pillow form which the cheapest in this size was about $12.99. This pillow, I know will hold its shape.

Pillow FormNow with the filling covered, it will be much easier to remove the pillow cover for washing as needed.

The pillow size is approximately 23.5″ wide by 27″ tall.  To make the pillow cover, I used two fabrics. A print for the front and solid color for the back. I cut the front down to 25″ by 28″ and also used this size for the utility fabric used to cover the filling. For the back of the pillow I cut two pieces each 15″ by 28″. This is to create the opening in the back to allow the pillow to be removed. The formula used to determine the size of the back pieces is length of short side /2 + 2.5 inches (25/2+2.5). I used this tutorial here to make the pillow. Since I know the pillows will be thrown on the ground and get plenty of use, I sewed with a triple-stitch seam.

This website here was very helpful in determining how many yards to buy.

The good thing about upholstery fabric is it’s very wide so I was able to make two pillows with one yard of print and one yard of solid color. Custom-made pillows for about $10 each? I haven’t seen prices like that anywhere for pillows this size. Two down, about 4 more to go! I’ll be doing solid colors to coordinate with the colors in the print.

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