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Cute Dragon Cupcakes!

My daughter’s dear friend recently had a birthday. She loves dragons and wanted cupcakes with dragons and lots of frosting. I browsed through some dragon cupcakes online and found some great ideas but, of course, had to incorporate some ideas of my own. When I think of dragons, fire and lava come to mind so that’s what inspired me to make these.

I made the lava by filling the icing bag with two colors of buttercream. I used a 1m icing tip to make the swirl. I then topped with fondant dragons I made the night before.

Dragon Lava Cupcakes

Fondant Dragon

Although fondant is great for making figurines, it isn’t my favorite when it comes to taste so I made these Rocky Road cupcakes I was dying to try. The cupcakes were filled with marshmallow creme. They tasted amazing and went with the dragon theme.

Rocky Road Cupcake

Here are the finished cupcakes:

Dragon Lava Rock Cupcakes



Igloo Cake with Penguins and Snow Display

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Here is the igloo cake I made for my son’s birthday. It was pretty easy but a little time consuming (because he wanted the penguins too). The recipe for the cake and trees is here.

Igloo CakeSugar cone trees with buttercream icing:

IMG_7817The penguins were made of gumpaste. Here is the tutorial I used. I, of course, modified my penguins.

Gumpaste Penguins
Here is a closeup of the penguin and igloo. The igloo was covered with white chocolate candy coating topped with sparkling sugar. The sugar gives it a more realistic ice-look.

Gumpaste PenguinFor the display, I used these containers to add varying heights for a more interesting look. These little containers are so practical, I have used them for many things like mixing paint and icing colors. Best part? I get tons of them for free when I order take out.

Display RisersOnce I found an arrangement I was pleased with, I covered the containers with white cotton candy. I then placed plain sugar cones on top to determine the tree placement.

Sugar Cone PlacementAnd lastly, added the trees!

Igloo Cake with Trees


Cookie Cakes and More

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I had fun making these cookie cakes. They are so easy to make and so good. I made the pistol cake for my brother’s birthday and the kids loved it so much they asked for another one so I made the Rodeo cookie the next day.

I used this recipe and just made some minor changes (no salt, lower temperature).

Rodeo Cookie CakeGlock Pistol Cookie Cake

Glock Pistol Cookie CakeI used a new icing method I discovered. Place the icing on some saran wrap, wrap it up, feed it through the coupler already attached to the icing bag, cut the excess plastic from the tip and then attach the icing tip. It is so much easier than trying to fill the icing bag. Also much easier to clean up. I used one icing bag for each cake! See the method here.

IcingHere is a strawberry-topped Ganache chocolate cake (SOOOOOOOO good)

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

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