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Closet Organization, Baking and More

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Less cake-making has lead the way to many little projects finally getting done around my house, not to mention it’s a lot cleaner these days. I have always kept a tidy home but when I got busy with cakes, the housework often got neglected. So here’s what I’ve been doing with my newly found free time:

I organized my handbags using this built-in I stole from my husband’ side of the closet (a bookshelf would work just as well):

Handbag OrganizationMy shoes have been pretty organized thanks to these neat little racks from the Container Store. I love these because you can stack and expand them to fit in pretty much any space you have and with the store coupon they’re much cheaper than having a custom built-in. Some of the racks are almost ten years old so they are definitely sturdy. The design was changed a few years ago but thankfully it still worked with the few racks I had from the old design so I didn’t have to repurchase.

Shoe OrganizationI started going through my clothes and put my out-of-season and too-big-but-don’t-want-to-get-rid-of clothes in these cute storage boxes I purchased at JoAnn. A future project is to Modpodge the boot boxes underneath the storage boxes with a cute coordinating paper I also found at JoAnn.

Storage Boxes

I still have all my accessories to organize (jewelry, hats,scarves, gloves). Once those are completed, a post will follow.

Because I still love baking, of course I still do that every now and then too! This weekend I made some “from scratch” strawberry cupcakes with strawberry Swiss Meringue frosting.

Strawberry CupcakesThe next day I made a chocolate cherry cobbler for Father’s day. Boy it was a huge hit!!!! I’m not sure if my family was happy to have something other than cakes or it really was that great :). I’m going to say they really loved it because I didn’t even get a chance to take a photo of a bowl of it served with ice cream. I used a recipe I found in the latest issue of Better Homes. It can also be found here.

Chocolate Cherry CobblerLess cake-making has given me more time to work out and I also avoid having to taste test all those goodies so now the weight seems to be coming off easier šŸ™‚

IMG_1393All work and no fun is no bueno so here I am poolside while the kids played at the pool!



Fix Me Sewing Basket

As I was organizing my sewing area I noticed several miscellaneous things that need to beĀ mended (husband’s shirt, daughter’s hair bows, buttons that needed to be reattached etc.). These are things that, if I couldn’t get to right away, ended up being buried beneath all the other stuff that likes to makeĀ its way to my area like school work and receipts. Well now I have a cute way to keep them together in one place until I can fix them. I found thisĀ little basket on clearance at Pier 1 for a great price so decided to make it my sewing basket for all those little things that are needing to be fixed and any sewing projects that I am currently working on. This sure will come in handy when I start making drapes and pillows in a couple of weeks!

Fix Me Sewing Basket

Fix Me Sewing Basket

Budget Organization

As I was cleaning out a closet, I came across some empty, plastic storage containers I had been saving for some future upcycle project. I like clutter-free bathroom counters so all of my products are pretty organized in easy-to-access places near my vanity and off my counters. The one place that could’ve used some more organization was my makeup bin. I don’t have a lot of makeup to begin with but what I did have was all mixed together.

My hair products have been organized in a very practical way. Thankfully, my vanity has deep drawers in the middle that are perfect for storing them.

Styling Tools

Styling Tools

Styling Products

Styling Products












I never liked the look of the clear makeup storage sets. I always felt like they looked too cluttered, especially just sitting on my counter. So my makeup just got tossed in a canvas bin under my sink. These upcycled makeup wipe containers and whitestrip box came in handy. I just wish they were all one matching color but at least now I have separate little containers for my foundations, eye makeup, lipsticks and brushes. It never takes me long to get ready but this has really made it much more of a breeze without me having to look for stuff.

Upcycled Containers

Upcycled Containers

I just pull out my little boxes and when done store them away in the canvas bins I had been using. It may not be the “prettiest” method but I did not pay for any of the containers. Not only do my counters stay decluttered and easy to wipe down daily, now my makeup is organized in a practical manner too!






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