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Hawaiian Cupcakes (Beach Theme Cupcakes)

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For my little niece’s fourth birthday party I made these cute little Hawaiian themed cupcakes to go with her Hawaiian themed birthday party.

Hawaiian CupcakesHawaiian CupcakesHawaiian Cupcakes 3The cupcakes were fudge chocolate with Swiss Meringue frosting. I used graham crackers for the sand, and the flowers and seashells were made using Wilton candy molds and fondant molds. The seashells were dusted with various pearl dust colors.


Cooking Wars! Cajun-Style Catfish

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Sir Leroy (my husband) and I have been having these little cooking wars. He loves cooking and never uses recipes. I’m not as good but I certainly try. His fish dinner this week was Tilapia. He gets my daughter’s vote as the best dinner this week. It was very good and presented very nicely.

TilapiaToday was my turn and I had a slight disadvantage because it was gymnastics day, I had tires replaced on my car, and had a long workout day. My fish dinner was a Cajun-style catfish. I got my son’s vote as the better of the two. I didn’t take a picture of the fish presented pretty on the plate but I did get one while I was cooking.

CatfishThis is a very simple, QUICK recipe. I was in the kitchen maybe 20 minutes. I personally liked my recipe better than my husband’s πŸ™‚

Super Easy Cajun-Style Catfish

4 catfish fillets

2 teaspoons paprika

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon thyme

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

butter and olive oil

Mix paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, thyme and black pepper in a small bowl. Melt about 4 tablespoons of butter. Brush butter on both sides of the fillets then cover fillets with the seasoning mix. Add a little olive oil to pan and cook fillets about 4 min on each side on medium-high (higher temperature if you want blackened catfish).

These fish dinners were inspired by the recent fishing trip my husband was fortunate to be treated to. He was taken on an all-expenses paid weekend fishing trip to Louisiana and even picked up in a private plane (lucky dog)!


Cupcakes by My 11 Yr Old :)

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For my birthday my 11yr old daughter baked and frosted these cupcakes all by herself! This was her very first time doing both and she did AMAZING. She used a box mix (Duncan Hines) for the cupcakes and a vanilla buttercream recipe with real butter (no shortening) for the frosting. She even did some color mixing for two-toned frosting!

Here she used the 1M star tip for the rose swirl:

Cupcakes by KrystaThe “I Love You” message using various tips:

I Love You CupcakesI got a cute new handbag for my birthday but it’s stuff like this that I cherish the most. The birthday wishes and greetings, phone calls, birthday serenades over the phone,cards and texts were much appreciated πŸ™‚ I did get asked a couple of times if I was sad to be turning 35 and my response was “No Way”!!!! I am grateful for another year of health and blessed to be surrounded by my loved ones. I feel like I am just now entering the fun, relaxed part of life. I have a newly-ordered passport in the works that God-willing I intend to fill up! Two weeks ago a solicitor that came to my door asked to speak to the parent of the home when I answered πŸ™‚ so no, I am not sad or depressed to be THIRTY five and I hope I always feels this way which every new year that God blesses me with.

Here I am at 35 with far better skin than I had in my teens and twenties, better hair (my twenties were the years I experimented with wacky, crazy hairstyles), and hopefully wiser LOL.

IMG_1945I know, the bathroom selfies/pics are getting old. One day I will get some “real” pictures taken πŸ™‚

Graduation Cake With Cap Topper (Photo Tutorial)

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My intention is for most of my posts to be helpful whether they are related to baking, fashion, or even photography. I am not the technical photographer in my house but I am the one behind the artsy, creative poses and composition ideas. So when I do share photography posts on here it’s because I’ve contributed to them in some way :). With that being said, I hope you find this tutorial helpful.

When I made my first graduation cake I recall there weren’t many tutorials out there for the cap topper (where the topper was not made out of cake) so now that I’ve made a few graduation cakes, I finally got around to taking pictures to document how I make mine. This cake was fun to make because I was given quite a bit of liberty with the design. The only requests were that it be Spring HS colors, have a quilted top tier,have a congratulations message and possibly a lion paw print for the school mascot. I ended up changing the design a bit from my initial vision but I think it was for the better. I love how the cake turned out.

Spring HS Graduation Cake DesignThe assembly of the cake:

IMG_0024Final cake:Fondant Tiered Spring HS Graduation CakeFor the cake topper I use a foam ball that’s been split in half and a thick piece of card stock. The foam ball is about 4.5″ in diameter and the card stock was cut into a 5.5″ square. Both pieces were covered in fondant.I made holes on the center of each piece prior to covering with fondant. These holes are what connects the two pieces.Β  By making the holes prior, I find it’s easier to find the center and remake the hole once covered with fondant because it will be softer in these spots. Once the fondant dries and hardens, I assemble with a lollipop stick and cover the center with tassel topped with the cap button. The video tutorial below the image is a great tutorial on how to cover the foam ball with fondant. I followed the same steps to cover the card stock.

Graduation Cap TutorialVideo tutorial for covering foam ball. This lady is amazing and I love her tutorials.

Boxing Cupcakes!

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These are some cute boxing themed cupcakes I made for the recent fight. The frosting was a delicious pineapple jello cream frosting! I used the star 1M, 2D, and 4B tips as well as the round 2A for the different designs.

Boxing Cupcakes Some of my more recent cake designs can be seen on my updated cake page here. I have added a ladybug cake, first communion cake and recent cheesecake.

Minecraft Inspired Cake

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I had the opportunity to make a Minecraft inspired cake. As I normally do with all cake requests, I got busy looking at photos and watching videos related to the theme. I came up with, what I thought was, a great cake design. I have two little people in my house who are Minecraft lovers so when I told them about my design and sought their input, I was quickly put in my place with a “Mom, that’s not how it works. Put that down and come PLAY the game”. LOL so I didn’t actually play the game but I did watch my kids and got a quick lesson on how the game works. I got some input from my kids and came up with this design:

Minecraft Inspired CakeI wanted to have a sparkling candle on top of the TNT for added effect but didn’t have one on hand. Other than that, I was very pleased with how it turned out and the kids loved it! All of the cake toppers were hand made out of fondant/gumpaste. I didn’t see many cakes with “Steve” in a position other than completely upright so I knew I wanted to make mine appear to be moving so that’s how I modeled him. I also wanted the “Creeper” to have a two-toned look similar to the photos I saw so I made him with a marbled effect. The grass was made with buttercream using the Wilton grass tip 233. The dirt was given the textured look by adding Oreos into the chocolate buttercream. The diamond tools and map were my son’s suggestion. The age was displayed on an Obsidian block. (Notice the diamond tools next to the block. These are the only mining tools for this block in the game). These are all the little details my kids helped me with. The name was displayed on signage similar to what I saw on the game.

Minecraft Inspired Cake ToppersThis was another very fun cake to make!

Michael Jackson Thriller Birthday Party and Cake

I recently had a request to make a Michael Jackson Thriller cake for my niece. I was given the liberty to make any cake I wanted as long as it was MJ-themed. I was excited to come up with something! I looked at several pictures of cakes and found one that I liked but I wanted to have MJ’s figure on top and wanted it to have the appearance that he was dancing so opted to hang the figure from cake wire versus sticking it on the cake. I love how it turned out!

Michael Jackson Thriller Cake

Here is another view (more from the top). The cake had the bling glove on top and was placed on a bling cake board.

MJ Thriller Fondant Cake

And some of the decorations for the party are below. I added bling to everything!

Michael Jackson Theme Party

This was another fun party to plan and make happen!!

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