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I am an old-fashioned, frugal, southern girl living out in the suburbs of a big city who enjoys homemaking: cooking, baking, sewing, DIY projects etc. I do not have a special gift for anything in particular but I LOVE learning. I am thankful for the bloggers who selflessly share their knowledge and whose tutorials have given me unlimited learning potential. Baking cakes is a fulfilling hobby I learned online and therefore share a lot of my creations/tutorials here on my blog. I love animals, travel and photography. My interest in photography started in high school with a photography class where I got to experience the old-school 35mm film developing and print processing in a dark room. I lost interest for a bit when digital cameras became mainstream and it seemed like everybody was running a  photography business. I rediscovered my love for photography with recent travel experiences that provided the opportunity to capture beautiful scenery and wildlife. I am a servant of God and grateful for the wonderful life He has blessed me with! Thank you to my followers for supporting my blog. It is very rewarding to see that my tutorials and posts have reached so many countries and that years later they are still helpful to others!!

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