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For our Belize excursion we did the Maya ruins at Lamanai and the New River Safari. I think most people who enjoy history and wildlife would enjoy this excursion (the bus ride to the river can get exhausting and does not go through the most scenic/beautiful parts of Belize and this excursion will take all day). For those who aren’t into history or want more scenic options, there are beach and cave tubing excursions as well.

Below are some pictures of the wildlife we saw along the New River:

New River Belize_MG_0581 _MG_0592 _MG_0611The Jaguar Temple at Lamanai:

_MG_0663 _MG_0667What’s left of a Mayan calendar:

_MG_0699The Ball Court (interesting but kind of creepy at the same time):

_MG_0710The High Temple:High Temple Lamanai Belize _MG_0714 _MG_0739It doesn’t look like a workout but it is (you only have a few minutes to climb):

_MG_0742The Mask Temple (I declined a picture next to that creepy mask lol):

Mask Temple Lamanai Belize_MG_0750Some of the locals along the New River:

_MG_0757Did I enjoy this excursion? YES

Would I recommend it? YES (if you enjoy history and wildlife)

Would I visit more Maya ruins/temples? Absolutely!!!!


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