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First Cruise!

The kids have started school (high school and junior high)! Unfortunately, my back-to-school pictures are blurry shots of carpet and body parts since they dodged the camera and my efforts to get their photo! We are settling into our school routine and as I sit here in gymnastics, I have a few minutes to update on my recent cruise. My husband and I returned from our first cruise ever on Sunday. I am so glad I ignored the Debbie Downers who started listing everything that could go wrong with a cruise.  Sure, things can happen on a cruise but they can happen in an airplane or driving down the road to the grocery store. This cruise experience was absolutely amazing! I was hoping for a fun-filled week to celebrate our upcoming 15 yr anniversary where I could be athletic during the day and do the girly dress-up in the evenings. I was hoping to see beautiful scenery and experience new things. I was hoping for a spiritual revival and nice weather. I was hoping for excitement and relaxation. I got everything I wished for and more! We visited Cozumel, Belize and Honduras.  I got to swim with dolphins, scuba dive, snorkel, climb ancient Mayan ruins, climb a rock wall and do some Flowriding on the ship, take a sushi-making class, got pampered all week and more! I have over 1000 pictures spread out over our “good” camera, underwater camera, and phones. I will share some of my experiences and tips in various posts as I slowly go through the pictures. In the mean time, here are some of the photos we purchased through the Royal Caribbean cruiseline. The photographers were eager to take photos and we appreciated their attention to little details. The picture below is my favorite. The young man  posed us and even suggested I place my hand in such a way to show “that thing on your hands” (flash tattoos).

Royal Caribbean Photography

I literally felt like Pretty Woman. The scene where she’s in the red dress walking through the hotel, turning heads…I got to experience that every night walking through the ship and entering the dining room! But to me, the best thing was not the men or women who turned their heads, stared or complimented. It was the little girls’ reactions that I loved. My 11 yr old daughter did give her stamp of approval on my outfits afterall 🙂



This pant outfit was so comfortable, I wore it twice! I ditched the clubbing dress in favor of wearing this twice!

I love the picture below because you can see my freckles! Everybody thought we were newly weds and were in total disbelief that we were celebrating 15 years of marriage 🙂


Some of the pics taken with our cameras:



_MG_0475And my husband was such a trooper for carrying all my luggage! (I did carry a 75lb backpack for two hours as we went through customs)!


And the bonus? I didn’t gain an ounce! I lost 18 pounds since January in preparation for this vacation and after all my efforts, didn’t want to gain it back! Breakfast consisted of fruit, lunch was a light sandwich and I ate half my dinner (including dessert) in the main dining room. I am now ready to start planning my next cruise, this time with my kids too!!


Hawaiian Cupcakes (Beach Theme Cupcakes)

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For my little niece’s fourth birthday party I made these cute little Hawaiian themed cupcakes to go with her Hawaiian themed birthday party.

Hawaiian CupcakesHawaiian CupcakesHawaiian Cupcakes 3The cupcakes were fudge chocolate with Swiss Meringue frosting. I used graham crackers for the sand, and the flowers and seashells were made using Wilton candy molds and fondant molds. The seashells were dusted with various pearl dust colors.

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