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Vacation Slimdown Underway

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There is no better motivation to get in shape than an upcoming vacation! I had lost 10 pounds since January then kind of got bored and gained 3 pounds back. Knowing that my long-awaited vacation is right around the corner, I decided to get serious about my fitness and three weeks ago made the decision to focus almost exclusively on weight training instead of cardio. This is new to me because for the past 10 years or so I have been the cardio queen doing everything from Insanity to kickboxing, step aerobics, running etc. I can’t be more pleased with the results I’m seeing. I lost 5 more pounds in the 3 weeks (half the weight I lost in 6 months)! I have a few more weeks until my vacation and can’t wait to see how much more progress I make. I know, I know this is nothing impressive but for me it is. I haven’t been at this weight in over 5 years and I’m especially pleased because I have accomplished this with no gym membership, just working out at home. IMG_2983IMG_2794This is after just 3 weeks and not lifting very heavy at all (10 lb dumbbells, circuit training). This week I did start using the gym in my neighborhood just so I can go up on the weights (now doing 12 and 15 lb dumbbells).

IMG_2986 (2)The pic above is from 3 weeks ago (4th of July weekend). I even dusted off my sewing machine and started making some of my clothes more fitted.

IMG_2938These pics were taken on the same day. Quite amazing the difference a fitted shirt can make. Here’s to another 5 pounds before my vacation!


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  1. I agree–vacation is the best motivation! You look great! πŸ™‚


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