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Cupcakes by My 11 Yr Old :)

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For my birthday my 11yr old daughter baked and frosted these cupcakes all by herself! This was her very first time doing both and she did AMAZING. She used a box mix (Duncan Hines) for the cupcakes and a vanilla buttercream recipe with real butter (no shortening) for the frosting. She even did some color mixing for two-toned frosting!

Here she used the 1M star tip for the rose swirl:

Cupcakes by KrystaThe “I Love You” message using various tips:

I Love You CupcakesI got a cute new handbag for my birthday but it’s stuff like this that I cherish the most. The birthday wishes and greetings, phone calls, birthday serenades over the phone,cards and texts were much appreciated πŸ™‚ I did get asked a couple of times if I was sad to be turning 35 and my response was “No Way”!!!! I am grateful for another year of health and blessed to be surrounded by my loved ones. I feel like I am just now entering the fun, relaxed part of life. I have a newly-ordered passport in the works that God-willing I intend to fill up! Two weeks ago a solicitor that came to my door asked to speak to the parent of the home when I answered πŸ™‚ so no, I am not sad or depressed to be THIRTY five and I hope I always feels this way which every new year that God blesses me with.

Here I am at 35 with far better skin than I had in my teens and twenties, better hair (my twenties were the years I experimented with wacky, crazy hairstyles), and hopefully wiser LOL.

IMG_1945I know, the bathroom selfies/pics are getting old. One day I will get some “real” pictures taken πŸ™‚


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  1. Oh wow they look so beautiful and delicious! ❀


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