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Graduation Cake With Cap Topper (Photo Tutorial)

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My intention is for most of my posts to be helpful whether they are related to baking, fashion, or even photography. I am not the technical photographer in my house but I am the one behind the artsy, creative poses and composition ideas. So when I do share photography posts on here it’s because I’ve contributed to them in some way :). With that being said, I hope you find this tutorial helpful.

When I made my first graduation cake I recall there weren’t many tutorials out there for the cap topper (where the topper was not made out of cake) so now that I’ve made a few graduation cakes, I finally got around to taking pictures to document how I make mine. This cake was fun to make because I was given quite a bit of liberty with the design. The only requests were that it be Spring HS colors, have a quilted top tier,have a congratulations message and possibly a lion paw print for the school mascot. I ended up changing the design a bit from my initial vision but I think it was for the better. I love how the cake turned out.

Spring HS Graduation Cake DesignThe assembly of the cake:

IMG_0024Final cake:Fondant Tiered Spring HS Graduation CakeFor the cake topper I use a foam ball that’s been split in half and a thick piece of card stock. The foam ball is about 4.5″ in diameter and the card stock was cut into a 5.5″ square. Both pieces were covered in fondant.I made holes on the center of each piece prior to covering with fondant. These holes are what connects the two pieces.  By making the holes prior, I find it’s easier to find the center and remake the hole once covered with fondant because it will be softer in these spots. Once the fondant dries and hardens, I assemble with a lollipop stick and cover the center with tassel topped with the cap button. The video tutorial below the image is a great tutorial on how to cover the foam ball with fondant. I followed the same steps to cover the card stock.

Graduation Cap TutorialVideo tutorial for covering foam ball. This lady is amazing and I love her tutorials.


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