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Just an Update (cakes, clothes and more)!

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So last August I launched my cake business and it has been a great journey! At the time my husband was working 60+ hours a week and this little business allowed me to do something I loved while he worked. Well not long after I started up, he received a promotion and finally had the weekends off. It had been years since he had the weekends and now suddenly I was occupied pretty much every weekend with my cakes. So after much thought I decided to go back to doing it only as a hobby with an occasional sale here and there. I am happy that I will now be able to fully enjoy my weekends with my family again and get back into my workouts and playing “dress up”. Cake making is very rewarding when you see your final product but it is A LOT of work and very time consuming. There is so much involved (taking orders, offering suggestions, shopping for items, making the filling, baking the cakes, assembling the cakes, making the fondant and/or butter cream, decorating the cake, delivering the cake and then all the clean up). This little side business was on top of my regular day job and wife/mother duties. I want to thank all my great family and friends who have supported me throughout this adventure and I’m looking forward to baking y’alls birthday cakes πŸ™‚ Much love to all! I will still be posting my creations and tips on here as well as occasional “fashion” things that my sweet friends have requested.


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