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Minecraft Inspired Cake

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I had the opportunity to make a Minecraft inspired cake. As I normally do with all cake requests, I got busy looking at photos and watching videos related to the theme. I came up with, what I thought was, a great cake design. I have two little people in my house who are Minecraft lovers so when I told them about my design and sought their input, I was quickly put in my place with a “Mom, that’s not how it works. Put that down and come PLAY the game”. LOL so I didn’t actually play the game but I did watch my kids and got a quick lesson on how the game works. I got some input from my kids and came up with this design:

Minecraft Inspired CakeI wanted to have a sparkling candle on top of the TNT for added effect but didn’t have one on hand. Other than that, I was very pleased with how it turned out and the kids loved it! All of the cake toppers were hand made out of fondant/gumpaste. I didn’t see many cakes with “Steve” in a position other than completely upright so I knew I wanted to make mine appear to be moving so that’s how I modeled him. I also wanted the “Creeper” to have a two-toned look similar to the photos I saw so I made him with a marbled effect. The grass was made with buttercream using the Wilton grass tip 233. The dirt was given the textured look by adding Oreos into the chocolate buttercream. The diamond tools and map were my son’s suggestion. The age was displayed on an Obsidian block. (Notice the diamond tools next to the block. These are the only mining tools for this block in the game). These are all the little details my kids helped me with. The name was displayed on signage similar to what I saw on the game.

Minecraft Inspired Cake ToppersThis was another very fun cake to make!

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