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Art-Themed Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning this art-themed birthday party!

Art Themed Birthday PartyI used my daughter’s artwork and art supplies as decorations. I frequented Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and JoAnn for the items I needed. Every day on my lunch break I would go to a couple of craft stores and pick up a couple of supplies and/or decorations with those wonderful 40% off coupons. I found some great deals in clearance also. I found a 7-pk of canvases for $6.99. The party was for 16 children so I still needed two more 7-pks. Using a 25% coupon on a 40% sale, I was able to get two more packs for $20.98 so I ended up with 21 canvases for $27.97. The acrylic paint, oil pastels, card stock etc was all purchased with coupons.

Art Themed PartyThe fabric I used in the pails to simulate paint was purchased for a few dollars at JoAnn with a 25% coupon on a clearance sale. I saw the idea online but plastic table coverings were used. I liked the way it looked with soft fabric much better and it was only a couple of dollars more. I made the treat “bags” by hot-gluing a ribbon to a clear plastic cup and filling with crayons.

Art Themed Cake and Cake PopsI made the cake and cake pops/balls. The cake pops and balls were displayed in painters’ palettes.

Colorful 36 in BalloonsI purchased those massive 36″ balloons hoping to fill them with helium so I could tie them to chairs but the cost was so much I decided to just fill them with air. That ended up working out perfect because the kids had a blast playing with them!

It was such a fun party and I didn’t spend a fortune!



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