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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Cute Dragon Cupcakes!

My daughter’s dear friend recently had a birthday. She loves dragons and wanted cupcakes with dragons and lots of frosting. I browsed through some dragon cupcakes online and found some great ideas but, of course, had to incorporate some ideas of my own. When I think of dragons, fire and lava come to mind so that’s what inspired me to make these.

I made the lava by filling the icing bag with two colors of buttercream. I used a 1m icing tip to make the swirl. I then topped with fondant dragons I made the night before.

Dragon Lava Cupcakes

Fondant Dragon

Although fondant is great for making figurines, it isn’t my favorite when it comes to taste so I made these Rocky Road cupcakes I was dying to try. The cupcakes were filled with marshmallow creme. They tasted amazing and went with the dragon theme.

Rocky Road Cupcake

Here are the finished cupcakes:

Dragon Lava Rock Cupcakes


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