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Carved Cakes

In the past couple of weeks I’ve worked on some carved cakes. I wouldn’t consider it any more challenging than a traditional round or squared cake. In some ways carving cakes actually seems easier (since the cakes don’t have to be perfectly round and flat). And much like fondant cake toppers, it’s challenging and fun to look at a photograph and try to replicate the image in 3d.

I have included some images showing how I created these cakes. The best advice I can give regarding carved cakes is to not rush the carving. In the end, the shape you end up with is going to determine the overall look of the cake. If the shape is not right to begin with, you will not be satisfied with the look no matter how detailed or pretty your decorating is.

Coach Handbag Cake

Coach Handbag Cake

I made the gum paste handcuffs, fondant bow and handles a few days prior to making the cake to allow drying time. I used an 8″ fudge cake cut in half lengthwise then filled and stacked. I then carved the cake to the desired shape. I covered it with buttercream and two layers of fondant. The first layer was to cover the entire cake and keep it moist. The second layer was colored tan, then stamped with a homemade stencil I made out of foam sheets. The trim, zipper, buckle, and stitch lines were the finishing touches.

Handbag Creation

Creating the Handbag

Below is another carved cake.

Pillow Cake

Pillow Cake

This was created using two 8″ square cakes. I made a mark 1 inch from each side. I then carved off the edge from one corner to the next, using the mark made in the middle of each side as a guide to how far in to cut. Some of the trimming cut off was used on the top of the cake to give a fuller look to the pillow. It was then covered with buttercream and fondant and decorated with fondant trim. The top of the pillow was created using a fondant serrated cone tool to mark where the beads were going to be placed.

Creation of Pillow Cake

Creation of Pillow Cake




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