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Peacock Cake

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This fondant peacock cake consists of a 9 in tier and a 6 in tier.

Peacock Cake

Peacock Cake

After covering the tiers with fondant and stacking them, I then placed the front accent piece centered on the side of the top tier. This helped guide the peacocks’ tail. To form the tail I started on the very bottom using three different sized circle cutters. I used the largest circle to cut the green feathers, the medium circle for the brown feathers and the smallest circle for the blue feathers. After cutting the circles, I pressed them a bit with the rolling pin to get the tear drop shape. I worked my way up to the top of the cake by reducing the size of the circle cutters every two or three rows of feathers to achieve a tapered look. I added some rolled fondant in the section where the two tiers meet, that way when I placed the feathers on that portion they would not sink and the tail would appear fuller. I also added a few smaller round circles randomly throughout the tail to give a more interesting look.

The basic shape of the peacock on the top of the cake is pretty easy to make. I used a simple bird tutorial as a guide (such as the one here). I made the neck longer and leaner.

To make the peacock’s wings I just randomly cut slits in some rolled fondant using the cutting tool (making sure not to cut all the way through so it would stay together when I lifted it).

Peacock Feather Making

Peacock Feather Making

I used the top of a Number 12 icing tip to make the smaller feathers around the peacock’s neck.


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