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Curious George and Minnie Mouse Cakes

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Below is the Curious George cake I made for my nephew. It was so much fun and was not a “copy cake” as I like to call the cakes I make when I’m provided with a photo. I had no photo or plan and just went with it. I had seen the pretzel rods used as palm trees idea sometime before in the many, many times I browse pictures of cakes so I’m not going to take credit for that. Everything else though, I just came up with as I was working on the cake.  I covered the cake with the homemade fondant recipe here. I always use this recipe and love it. All the other fondant decorations were made with ready-to-use fondant. To make the Curious George cake topper, I used the video tutorial here as a guide as well as photos online of the character (this was very helpful because I almost gave him a tail, which he doesn’t have, as was shown in the video). I was looking for the candy bananas at the store and couldn’t find them but this ended up being a good thing because the bananas were so easy to make from fondant and I could also make some peels. The leaves, shapes and letters were made with fondant cutters and templates. The leaves on the trees aren’t exactly palm tree leaves but I used what I had (luckily for me I had received a nice baking kit from a coworker that included the leaf cutter).

Curious George Fondant Cake

Curious George Fondant Cake

The Minnie Mouse cake below was a “copy cake” made from a photo provided. It was made with the same homemade fondant recipe as the cake above. The ears were made with gumpaste. The hair bow centerpiece was made using the tutorial here (I modified the bow, adding the smaller ribbon on top). The same ribbons used for the hair bow were used to cover the base of the cake.

Minnie Mouse Fondant Cake

Minnie Mouse Fondant Cake

Here’s a better view of the bow.

Minnie Mouse Bow

Minnie Mouse Bow

My daughter helped make the bow and has now planned a bow-making party with her cousins and friends 🙂


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