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Dalmatian Fire Truck Cake

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Mid-week last week, I received a request to do a dalmatian fire truck themed cake. This cake was such a great learning experience and I am grateful for friends who have given me the opportunity to bake for them.

Dalmatian Fire Truck CakeIt’s all about the little details:

Dalmatian Fire Truck Cake BackAll the decorations were molded from fondant. I used the fondant puppy tutorial here as a guide. The position of the dalmatian was different so I just saw a sample picture and using the techniques from the video link above, was able to recreate the dalmatian.

The fire hydrant was very easy to make and I just recreated it by looking at a picture of one. I secured the fire hydrant and dalmatian to the cake with toothpicks. The hose was just yellow fondant rolled into a long, thin piece and attached to the fire hydrant with edible glue.

The birthday boy was turning two so I added his age. His mom really liked this touch.

Dalmatian Fire Truck 2The number above and letters below were made with the Wilton alphabet/number mold set. I made two sets of each letter, one in black and one in red. I then rolled out the black letters (a bit) so that when the red letters were placed on top, the black outline would be visible.  The molds are pretty easy to use. Just sprinkle the inside with cornstarch, apply a small amount of rolled fondant in the color you need, remove the excess around the outline of the letter making sure the edges are clean, then just pop them out. All decorations were attached with edible glue.

Dalmatian Fire Truck LettersTo make the large circles, I used a round fondant cutter, approximately 1.5″ in diameter. For the smaller circles on the cake and the tires on the fire truck, I used the base of a 1M icing tip. I used the base of a standard icing tip for the white part of the fire truck tires and the tip of a #12 round icing tip for the inside circle on the tires.

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