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Cupcakes :)

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In order to get some practice with my icing techniques, I baked cupcakes the past two weekends. What a difference something as simple as the icing tip makes. Up until I made these cupcakes, the only icing tip I ever used was a very basic “open star” 16. It is ok for borders but not nearly as impressive as the tips below. The 1M is my favorite. It is the easiest to use and very versatile. The bottom two cupcakes in the first photo were done with the 1M.

These were made with buttercream icing using the "grass" 233 tip, "petal" 104 and "open star" 1M (my favorite).

These were made with buttercream icing using the “grass” 233 tip, “petal” 104 and “open star” 1M (my favorite).

The cupcakes below were a little trickier because the icing was whipped cream. I still have to tweak the recipe because these lost their shape after a few hours but they were so much tastier than the buttercream which were way too sweet.

1M tip, "open star" 32 and "open star" 21 tips

1M tip, “open star” 32 and “open star” 21 tips

Whipped Cream CupcakesI keep saying I’m going to take a cake decorating class at Michael’s or JoAnn but I never seem to have the time so I just look online whenever I get a chance. I am grateful for all the tutorials I have found online for anything and everything I need, thus I pass on what I learn via my blog.


Cookie Cakes and More

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I had fun making these cookie cakes. They are so easy to make and so good. I made the pistol cake for my brother’s birthday and the kids loved it so much they asked for another one so I made the Rodeo cookie the next day.

I used this recipe and just made some minor changes (no salt, lower temperature).

Rodeo Cookie CakeGlock Pistol Cookie Cake

Glock Pistol Cookie CakeI used a new icing method I discovered. Place the icing on some saran wrap, wrap it up, feed it through the coupler already attached to the icing bag, cut the excess plastic from the tip and then attach the icing tip. It is so much easier than trying to fill the icing bag. Also much easier to clean up. I used one icing bag for each cake! See the method here.

IcingHere is a strawberry-topped Ganache chocolate cake (SOOOOOOOO good)

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

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