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Ballet Fondant Cake with Tutorials

I’m excited to share my latest cake creation. My daughter loves ballet and just recently passed her RAD exam with distinction. For all her hard work, I decided to go all out on her birthday cake. This is the practice cake I made but I’m sooo happy with how it turned out. I have included steps for the gum paste ballet slippers and cake board tutu.I have put together all the sources I used online for this creation. This is only my second fondant cake to make and first attempt at making any kind of decoration from gum paste/fondant. The links I have added to the post were very helpful.

Here is the finished product:

Completed Cake

Completed Cake

Completed Cake on Tutu Cake Board

Completed Cake on Tutu Cake Board

Gum Paste Slippers

Gum Paste Slippers

It even looked good sliced

It even looked good sliced and of course tasted good

The cake was made with a homemade butter cream frosting  found here and a homemade fondant recipe made without marshmallows found here. I like this recipe better than the marshmallow one. It is easier to make and tastes better.

Gum Paste Ballet Slippers

I used premade gum paste for the slippers because I figured it would be a hard project so didn’t want to spend time making gum paste on top of trying to figure out how to make the slippers. I used the template found here. I printed the template in a 5×7 size which was perfect for the 6″ round top tier. A very useful tip is to make sure the gum paste is pliable. If you are having difficulty rolling it out, it is not at the consistency it needs to be. I figured, that since the one I was using was premade, it would be where it needed to. Wrong! After making three slippers that ended up cracking and looking horrible because they were too thick, I got online and found a tip to use cooking spray. This made a HUGE difference. I was able to roll it out very easily and there was no cracking. I used the tutorial found here to see how to put the slipper together. It is a baby shoe tutorial but helped a lot.

The supplies needed to make the slippers are gum paste, edible adhesive, slipper template, cooking spray, work board, rolling pin, tool kit, brushes and any color if desired. I purchased most of my stuff at Michaels with their 50% coupon 🙂

Recommended Supplies

Recommended Supplies

The steps are below:

1. Roll the gum paste and cut out template (for the opposite shoe, flip the template).

2. Flip the toe part of the template and fold a small edge (this is where it will attach to the sole).

3. Add edible adhesive with a brush along the folded edge.

4. Place the toe portion on the sole, pressing on the edge. I found it easiest to start at the toe.

5. Glue the two side pieces (of the top portion of template) in the back of the slipper.

6. After it’s assembled, you can adjust the shape by pressing gently. Use paper towels if necessary to hold position.

7. I added small holes on each side and ribbon for the laces. I then painted on a coat of Wilton Pearl Dust.

The Making of the Ballet Slipper

The Making of the Ballet Slippers

The final result

Completed Gum Paste Ballet Slippers

Completed Gum Paste Ballet Slippers

Cake Board Tutu

The cake board tutu was made with an elastic about 5.5 ” in diameter. This was the perfect size for my cake stand and created the “flared out” tutu look versus the “draping” tutu look.  I used two spools of tulle 6 inches wide. They were purchased at JoAnn’s. Each piece was cut to 18″ and attached to the elastic using the slip knot method shown here.  This produced a finished length of about 8.5-9″ from inside the elastic to the outer edge.

Creation of the Cake Stand Tutu

Creation of the Cake Stand Tutu



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