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Happy Halloween

This pumpkin project was so easy and fun for the kids. The kids painted the pumpkins with acrylic paint. I sketched the design with chalk and they attached the push-pins.

PumpkinPumpkin Making

I baked a lot of cookies (homemade cat-shaped sugar cookies recipe here, monster eye cookies recipe here, and a cookie cake recipe here that was a big hit). I made a few changes to the cookie cake recipe. I followed the advice in some of the comments and added less salt, more vanilla, used wax paper to roll it flat in the pizza pan and left an inch gap. I also added m&ms as well as chocolate chips.

Monster Eye Cookies

Cat Sugar Cookies

Cookie Cake

More fun decorating. The boys really liked the plates, draped furniture and crooked frames.




The wreath I made and pumpkin my daughter decorated.



Witches Brew table with an encyclopedia book made to look like a “spell” book.

Witches Brew

The Jessica Rabbit costume I made from an oversized dress found at a consignment store.



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