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My Costume is Done!

I finished my Halloween costume (Jessica Rabbit)! I found a dress at the consignment and knew I could make it work.  Because it was a size too big to begin with, and then with me slimming down while getting in “Halloween shape”, I had to take it in some. I also added some bust support and a slit along the front. Now it’s the form-fitting dress I need! So excited to have this complete. Last year I ran out of time and my costume ended up being rushed. This year I have the costume and most of the decorating done so I can focus the rest of my time on baking and getting dolled up 🙂 So with a little bit of sewing work,  I have a costume tailored to my size and cheaper than buying at the store.  I’ll have to do one more fitting before the party but it’ll be a quick fix if I need to take it in some more.  I even found the purple satin gloves with little effort at a store called “Wax” (a combination of Claire’s and Charming Charlies).

Before: Shapeless and blah

Before: Shapeless and blah

After: More form-fitting

After: More form-fitting



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