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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Happy Halloween

This pumpkin project was so easy and fun for the kids. The kids painted the pumpkins with acrylic paint. I sketched the design with chalk and they attached the push-pins.

PumpkinPumpkin Making

I baked a lot of cookies (homemade cat-shaped sugar cookies recipe here, monster eye cookies recipe here, and a cookie cake recipe here that was a big hit). I made a few changes to the cookie cake recipe. I followed the advice in some of the comments and added less salt, more vanilla, used wax paper to roll it flat in the pizza pan and left an inch gap. I also added m&ms as well as chocolate chips.

Monster Eye Cookies

Cat Sugar Cookies

Cookie Cake

More fun decorating. The boys really liked the plates, draped furniture and crooked frames.




The wreath I made and pumpkin my daughter decorated.



Witches Brew table with an encyclopedia book made to look like a “spell” book.

Witches Brew

The Jessica Rabbit costume I made from an oversized dress found at a consignment store.



My Costume is Done!

I finished my Halloween costume (Jessica Rabbit)! I found a dress at the consignment and knew I could make it work.  Because it was a size too big to begin with, and then with me slimming down while getting in “Halloween shape”, I had to take it in some. I also added some bust support and a slit along the front. Now it’s the form-fitting dress I need! So excited to have this complete. Last year I ran out of time and my costume ended up being rushed. This year I have the costume and most of the decorating done so I can focus the rest of my time on baking and getting dolled up 🙂 So with a little bit of sewing work,  I have a costume tailored to my size and cheaper than buying at the store.  I’ll have to do one more fitting before the party but it’ll be a quick fix if I need to take it in some more.  I even found the purple satin gloves with little effort at a store called “Wax” (a combination of Claire’s and Charming Charlies).

Before: Shapeless and blah

Before: Shapeless and blah

After: More form-fitting

After: More form-fitting


Budget Organization

As I was cleaning out a closet, I came across some empty, plastic storage containers I had been saving for some future upcycle project. I like clutter-free bathroom counters so all of my products are pretty organized in easy-to-access places near my vanity and off my counters. The one place that could’ve used some more organization was my makeup bin. I don’t have a lot of makeup to begin with but what I did have was all mixed together.

My hair products have been organized in a very practical way. Thankfully, my vanity has deep drawers in the middle that are perfect for storing them.

Styling Tools

Styling Tools

Styling Products

Styling Products












I never liked the look of the clear makeup storage sets. I always felt like they looked too cluttered, especially just sitting on my counter. So my makeup just got tossed in a canvas bin under my sink. These upcycled makeup wipe containers and whitestrip box came in handy. I just wish they were all one matching color but at least now I have separate little containers for my foundations, eye makeup, lipsticks and brushes. It never takes me long to get ready but this has really made it much more of a breeze without me having to look for stuff.

Upcycled Containers

Upcycled Containers

I just pull out my little boxes and when done store them away in the canvas bins I had been using. It may not be the “prettiest” method but I did not pay for any of the containers. Not only do my counters stay decluttered and easy to wipe down daily, now my makeup is organized in a practical manner too!






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