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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Anniversary Photography

It is so nice to have a hubs who loves photography. We get to take pictures whenever we like free of charge. This weekend we took some anniversary photos celebrating our 13th anniversary.









Anniversary Fondant Cake

In celebration of our 13th wedding anniversary, and because I had a day off from work while the kids were in school, I decided to make my first fondant cake. The fondant and buttercream icing were both homemade. It was quite a bit of work, mainly because it was my first time attempting fondant. I loved baking as a child, then life happened and I got busy with school, kids and work. About a year ago, I finally got back into baking and have been enjoying every little chance I get to bake. So this is only my 6th cake to bake and first attempt with fondant and when I try something, I go all the way (no ready-to-make, instant stuff). I loved the way it turned out and will be using these recipes again (without so many mistakes)! The buttercream icing recipe is here and the marshmallow fondant recipe is here .

Fondant Cake Completed

Fondant Cake


Garage Sailing

I am so excited that our neighborhood will be having the fall garage sale soon! I have found some great deals! From bikes to all kinds of furniture. I found a beautiful mahogany desk for the kids for $20 (even delivered to my home). My most recent find was a beautiful antique Chippendale-style sideboard buffet with skeleton keys included. I am a sucker for old, unique pieces. I have spent a pretty penny buying handmade, reclaimed furniture from I purchased some handmade saddle stools and a dining set made from a reclaimed barn door. I absolutely love their furniture but it can get quite expensive :). I had gone to the garage to purchase a table saw for my hubs and saw this gorgeous buffet. I was fortunate to have gone first thing in the morning and snatched it up right away. This time I am hoping to find something I can restore/paint because so far all the stuff I have found, I believe to be too pretty to paint. I definitely need some color though because I have learned that I LOVE dark wood, Virtually every piece of furniture we have is dark. Here’s the buffet I purchased for $200 and it was delivered to my home too 🙂 I’ve seen similar pieces for $1500-2000.


Labor Day Weekend

We decided to spend the weekend in Galveston for Labor Day. Who would’ve thought it looked so nice? Apparently, they have revamped East Beach. I immediately noticed how much nicer it was and mentioned it to my family a few times. They thought I was crazy so I decided to look it up online and sure enough there was a recent renovation. I still cannot handle being at the beach for more than a couple of days though. Not sure what it is but, unlike most people, I do not feel relaxed afterwards. I usually feel exhausted but I recommend you check it out! Here are some pics below:

Jamaica Beach


East Beach

_MG_4593 _MG_4597

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